San Diego House Rabbit Society’s Bunnyfest.

Bunny lovers united at the always popular annual San Diego House Rabbit Society’s Bunnyfest in Balboa Park. This festival was a fun day where people brought their own bunnies and enjoyed watching agility course, shopping, arts & crafts vendors and activities for the kids. Proceeds benefit rescue, education, spay/neuter and adoption of domestic rabbits in San Diego and Riverside Counties.

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Doggies on the Deck

Landini’s Pizzeria.

Landini’s Pizzeria in Little Italy hosted a fun evening to benefit Rancho Coastal Humane Society. Sir Ruffles Von Vicious hosted with a Baseball World Series theme. Guests enjoyed pizza, raffles, happy hour drinks and watching their four-legged friends enjoying doggie treats and sniffing everything!

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Lending a Hand and a Heart to Pets of the Homeless

Foundation for Animal Care and Education (FACE).

According to Pets of the Homeless, five to ten percent of the roughly 9,000 homeless individuals in San Diego have pets. Like most animal lovers, pets provide homeless individuals with comfort and a sense of purpose, and many might be transitioning with their owner during a time of hardship. The Foundation for Animal Care and Education (FACE), a not-for-profit that provides financial assistance to pet owners who cannot afford emergency veterinary care, has recently launched a new homeless outreach initiative to connect homeless pet owners with veterinary resources.

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Pet Tips

Holiday Safety.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and we hope you are enjoying the season, but there are a number of potential dangers you should not overlook and help your pets be safe. Here are the top dangers to avoid taking your pet to the emergency room.

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Under the Sea

Kids Contest.

Ever wondered what is beneath the waves off the San Diego coast? These are just a few of the creatures you will find in the Kelp Forests off our coast.

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Make It A Date

Fall 2016.

Reptile Awareness Day

On October 21 join in celebrating the amazing creatures that are reptiles. Take the day to donate or volunteer at a local reptile conservation group, learn about their natural habitats and the ecological threats that they are facing.

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Pampurred Pet

Holiday Gift Guide.

The holidays are upon us and tis the season to pamper your pets (and their owners) with the latest and greatest gifts.

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Paws For Thought

The Cat’s Meow.

7 Reasons Why Cat’s Meow.

Cats can make more than 100 vocal sounds and depending on the situation, they are capable of a much wider range of vocalizations than any other human pet. Have you ever wondered why cats meow? Well here are the top 7 reasons:

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Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique
Celebrating Anniversary in Point Loma.

Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique, America’s fastest growing pet franchise, according to Inc. Magazine, has been open in Point Loma for nearly a year now. This location offers a high quality pet boutique and luxurious dog grooming services. What has truly made this company famous is their unlimited Bath and Brush monthly membership starting at $39.95.

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Pet-LUVing Travelers

Southwest Airlines.

Southwest Airlines accepts small vaccinated domestic cats and dogs. All in-cabin pets must be carried in an appropriate carrier and are subject to a $95 pet fare each way per pet carrier. The pet carrier counts as the customer's carryon bag.

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Cats & Dogs Need Blood, Just Like We Do

By Nicole Edwards, RVT Blood Bank Coordinator, Veterinary Specialty Hospital.

Did you know your pets can donate blood just like you? Animals can sustain trauma and can have acquired or hereditary bleed disorders. Just like us, both dogs and cats have different blood types.

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Paws & Pints

THE LOT in La Jolla.

THE LOT in La Jolla's welcomed pets from the San Diego community to the Paws & Pints fundraiser. La Jolla Veterinary Hospital was proud to host for the third year an evening of fun all while helping raise funds for FACE Foundation, FOCAS, and Rancho Coastal Humane Society.

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