Prepare Your Pet for Car Trips

by Vanessa Voltolina for

Looking to hit the road with your family's dog or cat – or both? Bringing your pet along for a trip, both long and short, is a nice way to add some excitement to their day and explore new places. It may also cut down on paying for a kennel, cat sitter or dog watcher.

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Bonding Bunnies

Finding your rabbit a companion.

Bunnies enjoy the company of other bunnies. They love to nuzzle and groom each other, to sleep on top of each other and to share a big plate of salad or a box of hay. The sight of two bonded rabbits enjoying each other's company brings joy to all who witness their happiness.

Although they are naturally sociable, rabbits do not always know this important fact about themselves. Introductions can be a thorny business and stressful for all involved.

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Sally and Henry’s Doghouse Bar & Grill

Your New Best Friends!

In San Diego, there are many bars and restaurants that tout their "dog friendly" status- and why not, we know San Diegans love their dogs, and we all enjoy going out for food and drinks. But you get to the restaurant and you find a dirty water bowl by the door and the ability to have your dog sit quietly under your table as long as the other guests aren't bothered.

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A New Breed of Television: DOGTV

Pet parents all over Southern California can now entertain and sooth their beloved canine friends with DOGTV, the first and only television network for dogs, DOGTV. Following a successful soft launch period, DOGTV launches as a Subscription Video On Demand (SVOD) channel on Cox, exclusively for its California market.

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Puppy Love

Helen Woodward Animal Center held its fourth Annual Puppy Love Run/Walk in Solana Beach. Dogs of all type and sizes, and even Kevin Bacon the pig, joined the race to help raise funds for programs and animals at Helen Woodward Animal Center. The Wagging Wellness Village featured free face-painting, relay races, costume contests for kids and dogs, make-and-take crafts, food and fun, of course.

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Reptile Super Show

Are you looking for something exciting to do that won't break the bank? The Reptile Super Show provides a unique family experience at an affordable price. Imagine a huge, 50,000 square foot exhibition hall filled to capacity with countless species of reptiles and amphibians, supplies and more for sale and on exhibit. The Reptile Super Show is the premier exotic reptile and amphibian expo, attracting vendors and attendees from countries all over the world including Japan, Canada, South Africa and many from Europe. With this level of diversity there is little you can't find, rare or common. There is also plenty to learn as all the vendors are happy to share their experiences and many of the booths are strictly educational and informative.

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Best in Show

San Diego's most prestigious dog competition, Silver Bay Kennel Dog Show held its annual event at the Del Mar Fairgrounds. The most lovable dogs competed in the categories of Conformation, Obedience, Rally & Agility. Guests also experienced a Meet the Breeds extravaganza and the chance to walk by the staging areas and watch the dogs being groomed and pampered.

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No foot, no horse, no kidding!

Why do horse owners spend so much time and effort in nurturing and pampering the last few inches of the horse's leg, reading never ending magazine articles about the hoof, attending clinics about hoof care, reading blogs and even arguing about the best approach to care of the stubby little piece of anatomy? Why do people, such as myself, dedicate a large portion of their lives and careers to the care of the equine foot?

The equine foot or hoof is the source of about ninety percent of all equine lameness. Problems of the foot provide us a fair share of lost riding hours and aggravation. The foot is a complex system, perhaps the most complex portion of the equine locomotor system. The equine foot is the first line of defense against the rigors of the outside world.

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Adopt a Shelter Cat Month

Start on the right paw for a lifetime of love

Let us get really serious about something really fun. June is "Adopt a Shelter Cat Month!" Your local animal shelters are filled with healthy, happy animals...not the abused and neglected souls in those sad fundraising commercials. Now that we're all on the same page...let's move on.

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Joan Embery

Animal and environmental advocate

Joan Embery has served as a champion of environmental, conservation and preservation issues around the world, most notably as spokeswoman for the Zoological Society of San Diego. Her work has included hundreds of television shows as diverse as "The Tonight Show," with Johnny Carson and Jay Leno "CBS This Morning," PBS programs, "Mr. Rogers," "Entertainment Tonight" and her own syndicated series "Animal Express and "Animals of Africa."

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LUV to Travel

Here at Southwest, we like to do things a bit differently than "the other guys". We pride ourselves on making it both simple and fun to fly wherever it is that life takes you. With that in mind, Southwest Airlines wants to enhance the Customer Experience for pet-LUVing travelers, too! We welcome small, vaccinated domestic cats and dogs in an appropriate pet carrier in the aircraft cabin. We require a $75 Pet Fare per pet carrier each way and accept payment at the ticket counter. Southwest's pet policy states that we will accept up to five (5) pet carriers per scheduled flight. However, from time to time, circumstances may allow for more than five pet carriers on a flight.

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10 Tips for Enjoying Spring with Your Pet

With long days and warm weather just around the corner, now's the time to fill your calendar with fun, pet-related activities. Here are top tips for enjoying spring to the fullest while keeping your pets safe.

1. Invest in Bug Protection
Though you may have taken the winter off from flea and tick prevention (not recommended), it's time to start up again before spending extended periods of time in the park or any wooded areas. These pesky pets can be a nightmare to get rid of and can carry diseases that could prove fatal to your pet.

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