Paws for Thought

Helping Animals in Need

MEET LUIGI. His owner moved away and abandoned Luigi outdoors to fend for himself. Kindly neighbors, who were feeding him, noticed that he was always squinting. Luigi suffered from entropion, a condition in which a portion of the eyelid is inverted or folded inward against the cornea. Eyelashes constantly rubbed his eyes so that it hurt to open them. If not corrected, the damage to the cornea could eventually leave him blind. The neighbors called East County Animal Rescue (ECAR), a grassroots network of volunteers who are passionate about helping animals in need within the San Diego community.

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Teaching a Not-So-Old Dog an Important Lesson

When I made the decision to start my own pet care business, I knew that my work would encompass activities other than dog walking, pet sitting and in-home visits. Given my extensive background in corporate education and adult learning, it is also important that my business be a credible informational resource for pet parents.

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Building Your Own Koi Pond

You have been eyeing that empty corner of your yard for years thinking how beautiful it would look with a pond full of "living jewels," or Koi fish, aquatic plants, streams and waterfalls. Though the project is easy to do, proper planning and construction require effort and concentration. First, join a Koi club and go visit other ponds, learn and get an idea of what you want to create, and then begin to plan your own dream.

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Meet Lori and Bill Walton with Loma and Shasta

Lori and Bill Walton are known throughout San Diego; Lori as a community leader and philanthropist and Bill as a Hall of Fame basketball player. They both love our community very much; the city, its people and its pets. a pet's life magazine sat with them at their lovely home near Balboa Park and got to meet them, their two lovely and playful dogs and their cat, Charcoal.

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Canine Companions for Independence hosted emBARKadero a 4K Run, Walk, Roll, and Wag event. All proceeds benefitted Canine Companions, a non-profit organization that provides assistance dogs and ongoing support for people with disabilities. The agility dogs were amazing!

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Pug Super Heroes

Pug Rescue San Diego County called on all pugs to join them for their annual Pug Party. This year's theme called for all Pug Super Heroes to fly into the fairgrounds and amaze everyone with their super powers. All proceeds help the all-volunteer organization help pay for medical and surgical costs for Pugs that come into their care, for foster care expenses and to help place them in their forever home. The day was filled with vendors, raffles, amazing boutique, contests, adoptions booth, membership and so much more. See you next Pug year, same Pug venue!

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Pets and Parkinson’s

By Karen Jensen, Parkinson's Association of San Diego

Parkinson's is a neurological disorder that affects a person's ability to move. Common motor symptoms include a tremor at rest, muscle stiffness, slowness of movement and postural instability. Additionally, people with Parkinson's often deal with depression, anxiety and cognitive decline. Pets can play a role in easing some of these symptoms through their need for interaction and their ability to engage with people.

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Paw-Vention: Fire Safety

Each year, 500,000 pets are affected by fires, 40,000 die in house fires and unbelievably 1,000 house fires are started by pets. Here are tips from the San Diego Regional Fire Foundation to make sure your pets don't start fires and can survive a fire.

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Amazing Style

At Sydnee's Pet Grooming, they take extra special care to make sure they treat each and every pet like they are one of the family. When you visit their grooming shop, expect for you and your pet to feel welcomed and comfortable. Their friendly and knowledgeable groomers will help you find the right grooming style and shampoo unique to your dogs' needs. They welcome you into a bright, friendly environment with kind and talented groomers. At Sydnee's pet grooming, they truly are dedicated to creating a healthy life with amazing style, while loving their job and making many new furry friends.

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