Walk for Animals

Walkers and their canine companions had a great time celebrating their love for animals, while raising vital funds for San Diego Humane Society to prevent animal cruelty, care for neonatal kittens, provide specialized veterinary care, rehabilitate native wildlife, keep pets in their homes and out of shelters, respond to natural disasters, and much more.

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The Pet Pass

By Nadia Wenell.

The Pet Pass was born out of my love for all animals, especially for my cat Luna. I love my pets and consider them part of my family. So when I was going to travel to Europe with Luna, I decided to use my talents as a graphic designer and make a Pet Passport for her as well. During that trip many people, including the customs officers, gave me such positive feedback that I knew I had to make this into a product for others to enjoy as well!

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Saving Pets and Helping Families


The Foundation for Animal Care and Education (FACE) was created to address the tragedy of economic euthanasia – when a pet is euthanized because their owners cannot afford the sudden cost of emergency veterinary care. Marking FACE’s 2,000th life saved is Cleo, a cat who was spared from economic euthanasia earlier this year.

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It’s official!

San Diego Humane Society.

On July 1, 2018 San Diego Humane Society began providing animal services to six more cities: Carlsbad, Del Mar, Encinitas, San Diego, Santee and Solana Beach. This is one of the biggest milestones for animal welfare in San Diego. San Diego Humane Society will now be able to offer expanded service hours, advanced veterinary care, behavior modification and intake diversion programs to keep our entire community’s pets with their families and out of the shelters.

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Feline Mammary Tumors

Mairin Miller, DVM.

Practice Limited to Oncology
Veterinary Specialty Hospital – North County

80-95% of mammary tumors in the cat are malignant. While older cats and the Siamese breed are more likely to develop mammary tumors, the most influential factor for the development of mammary cancer in cats is exposure to ovarian hormones. Cats spayed before 6 months of age have a 91% decreased risk and cats spayed prior to 1 year of age have an 86% decreased risk of developing mammary tumors compared to intact female cats.

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Dr. Tracy Nicole Frey

SoftSurg - The Softer Side Of Surgery.

1. Tell us what inspired you to get into the pet industry?

I grew up wanting to be a veterinarian – animals, particularly dogs and horses, were all I could think about since I was a little girl. While all my friends were dreaming about their white wedding dresses, I was imagining a white doctor’s lab coat! Thanks to the support of my parents, in 2002 I graduated from the University of Illinois as a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine. I then completed small animal surgical training in New York and New Jersey and became a Diplomate of the American College of Veterinary Surgeons in 2013.

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Pet Day on the Bay

Hornblower Cruises offers the only pet-friendly event of its kind in Southern California! Pet Day on the Bay served up a tail-wagging good time for dogs to cruise with their owners. Guests brought towels and blankets to benefit the homeless animals of the Helen Woodward Animal Center.

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Puppy Love

The 9th Annual Puppy Love 5K was a successful and fun event held at the Embarcadero! It was a beautiful day were vital funds were raised for orphan pets and the life-enhancing programs at Helen Woodward Animal Center.

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Make it a Date Summer 2018

JULY – National Mutt Day

Celebrate the unique individuality of mixed breed dogs on July 31st. On National Mutt Day, you can help raise awareness, adopt, or make a donation to your local shelter. Your participation can help some of the many mixed breed dogs left in shelters every year have a better life.

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Summer Pet Essentials

Summer fun is here and it is time to venture outside and enjoy all the beauty nature has to offer. We share with you the summer essentials to help you be prepared before you take your pets on an outdoor excursion or adventure.

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Travel With Animals

Summer is here and if you are looking to travel with your pet here are some tips from your pet’s favorite airlines, Southwest Airlines. On domestic flights, small vaccinated pet cats and dogs can travel with you in-cabin under the seat in front of you. All pets must be carried in an appropriate carrier. The pet carrier counts as either a carryon item or a personal item. If you do not have your own pet carrier you can purchase an official Southwest Airlines branded pet carrier for $58 (tax included) at any Southwest Airport Ticket Counter or online (tax not included) at Southwest.com.

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Non-Shedding Cats

Do you have cat allergies but would really like to adopt a cat? Here is a list of 7 non-shedding cats, but always make sure to spend time with the cat before you adopt to ensure your allergies will not be a problem.

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